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12 year old refugee.
12 year old refugee (Bosnia 1996).


Lucy with a boy saved from the streets - Dar-es-Salaam.

Didas - everyhorizon.com worker, Uganda/DR Congo.


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The everyhorizonfoundation was established to provide assistance to children whose opportunities in life have been severely compromised through conflict or other circumstance, in their countries or regions.

The aim is to assist projects that have been instigated by the people themselves, in an effort to provide resources and support that would otherwise not exist.

Survivors of war.
Survivors of war and on their own,
Thai/Cambodia border.

One of the other key areas the everyhorizonfoundation promotes is education. In the belief knowledge and understanding is a way forward for all, we spend resources promoting awareness of others lives, through presentations & promotions.

If you would like more information, please contact Paul Henry through the contact page.

Young Maasai - Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


Lucy Henry - with Pricipal of a school near Lake Victoria , Tanzania. everyhorizon.com provided pens for each child.

Lucy sits with children who have lost families through Aids & Malaria. Uganda.


Lucy with Maasai children - Learning about the sensitive issue of Female Genital Mutilation - Arusha, Tanzania.


Lucy sits with child prostitutes in the slums of Dar-es-Salaam.

Lucy Henry was taken on an African 'tour of need' so that she could communicate the level of need to her peers at home through the eyes and understanding of a teenager. Her journey was documented for Television and educational programs. These will also be used in Africa.


Paul Henry at a everyhorizon.com project site in Southern Tanzania.


Lucy meets Snake Dancers in the heartland of Tanzania.


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