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Thank you for visiting everyhorizon.com - an organization encompassing a range of activities including, Broadcasting, World Aid, Corporate and Foundation.

Through the everyhorizonfoundation, everyhorizon.com is involved around the world in aid work targeting young people whose chances in life have been compromised through conflict. As well as directly delivering aid, everyhorizon.com advocates for peace, human rights and global understanding. Education and the promotion of understanding through knowledge are the tools. One of the aims of everyhorizon.com is to assist in broadening horizons.

The Gallery section records images captured during the broadcasting of world events.

If you would like more information or would like to offer assistance contact Paul Henry.

'We all breath the same air - one day perhaps - we will all have the same opportunities.' While this may seem overly idealistic - it is a goal... the journey towards that goal will bring great rewards and breed great lives.

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