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Welcome to the everyhorizonfoundation shop.
Products will be added regularly, some from the regions of
the world assisted by the everyhorizonfoundation.
All profits from sales will assist the delivery of aid to children.

Payment options: Cheque / Mastercard / Visa.
All payments are through a secure order form.
The currency on this page: New Zealand dollars. All prices include GST and all other taxes.

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards: You can purchase these cards (with no message inside) in shrink wrapped packs of five (all different) for NZ$10.00, or shrink wrapped packs of ten (two of each kind) for NZ$16.00.
No delivery charge for Card orders within New Zealand, add $5.00 per Card order for non New Zealand destinations.

These cards are of original photos taken around the world. They feature Temples of the Holy lands and Temples of Cambodia. Children of Cambodia, children of Africa and Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity. They are ideal for anniversaries, birthdays or any other occasion.

Temple in Cambodia Eight year old girl on dump Worrior Princess, Sudan The Holy Land Missionaries of Charity Back of all Cards

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These shirts feature the full everyhorizonfoundation logo, or the smaller logo version as featured on our caps. All shirts come in the following sizes:

Size 1 fits chest: 094 cm
Size 2 fits chest: 100 cm
Size 3 fits chest: 106 cm
Size 4 fits chest: 118 cm

Polo Shirts: Polyester & Cotton mix $26.00 or $19.00* each.

T/Shirts: Cotton $24.00 or $17.00* each.

*The same shirts with the smaller cap style everyhorizon.com logo*

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Credit Cards



With the smaller everyhorizon.com logo - $10.00 each.

Cap with logo
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For product inquiries, e-mail: shop@everyhorizon.com

Credit Cards